How to ride/cycle safely during coronavirus

While cycling is obviously a great way to defeat the Corona virus, cyclists also need to take many precautions during their activities.

These include:

Feeling even slightly bad? Don't ride with others. We are all responsible for reducing the spread of this disease and all precautions must be taken. Sometimes going out for a ride can be a great way to clean your system, but our advice is to go it alone and not put others at risk.
Group ride. Our advice would be to stick to smaller groups and / or solo rides. Remember that many people can have the virus and not show symptoms. Plan your ride carefully and be aware of your hygiene habits and general awareness of COVID-19.
Hygiene. Take an antibacterial hand cleaner at each ride. Clean your hands before, during and after the ride - and be sure to keep your distance when stopping or meeting others.
Touch. Studies have shown that people touch their face about 3,000 to 5,000 times a day! Stunning figures ... this is great to keep in mind as a reminder to limit hand and finger contact with eyes, nose, ears and mouth.
Space. “Social deviation” seems to be the latest type of sentence, but it is a very important aspect to prevent the spread of disease and infections. Keep a safe distance from other riders when on a bike or when meeting during training.
Coffee during training. In these times, coffee and "get-togethers" are socially unacceptable, but did you stop for that coffee at a gas station that is open, in the middle or after the ride? Take off your helmet and gloves and leave them on your bike. Be sure to use hygiene gloves or an antibacterial non-coffee beverage.
Public bicycles? More and more people are using the bike as an alternative mode of transportation - a recent survey found a 55% increase in regular cycling last month! - It is recommended that the bicycle be disinfected before use. Use an antibacterial spray or cleaning agent to disinfect contact surfaces on the bike, such as grips and / or steering wheel and seat, and then clean your hands again.

Cycling, it seems, could be the perfect combination during this global pandemic. This list of needs and their simple solutions show just some of the ways a bike can beat the Coronavirus.

What do you need to know ?!

- Socially distance yourself - ride your bike.
Looking for a source of sunlight - ride your bike.

- Keep 1.5 m away from others.

- Cycling means fresh air and less sense of isolation.

- Cycling is a great alternative to public transportation.

- You can't go to fitness - ride a bike.

- Cycling is also a great influence on mental health in these troubling times.

- Work from home and need to get your brain out - ride a bike.

- You want to keep fit and strengthen your immune system - ride your bike.