How to choose your Bike Light wisely

The phrase "see and be seen" is not as meaningful to anyone as riding cyclists. Illuminating the path before you and yourself in the path of others is always important, and can be vital.
In order to simplify the needs described above, we will briefly introduce the program of lamps and flashes in our offer, thus making it easier for you to find a comprehensive and varied offer.
The choice of lamp design and model for your needs depends on several factors, among which are these:
Frequency of use of lighting - important for choosing the power mode: via dynamo, batteries or USB port on your computer
Areas and roads where you will need lighting because of the intensity and orientation of the light
bundles - illuminated city streets, unlit roads or mountain roads and forests.
Headlights and flashes
If you are a everyday bike user, you are no stranger to night riding. If your bike is designed for city driving, we recommend the use of dynamo in the front wheel hub and associated lamps. The reason is complete reliability in a steady and stable power supply, and thus an always-lit and well-noticed bike.
Owners of sports bikes will choose one of the many design solutions in LED technology and battery power.
Small dimensions, light weight, low battery power and high light power of a point light source are often the best choice for night miles.
For mountain bikers who want to extend the day, Spanning's solution is THOR.
No matter the weather or shocks and immersion in the water, this is the flashlight you will always know where to drive.
Tail lights and flashes
LED technology has made it possible to minimize the shape while increasing the luminous power of the taillights.
Blinking glow mode is especially noticeable over long distances or in poor conditions (fog, rain, snow), and another great feature is the battery saving.
Sets of lights and flashes
A large selection of uniquely designed front and rear lamps features LED technology (high light power, low power consumption, compact design, light weight), and for employees with a computer, a particularly convenient solution is to power the lamps from a USB port.
Reflective clothing and accessories
Cyclists who frequent the roads at night or in the evenings of the day would also recommend reflective clothing, or at least some of the details made from reflective materials. It is never our duty to warn safety, and to do our best for our own safety is our duty.

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