How to choose your Bike Computer

Cycling computer quickly displays all changes to the settings while cycling: cyclist's pulse, speed, distance. How to choose a computer bike wireless or wired?
wireless bike computer
Many cyclists are accustomed to using wired velocity switches and do not want to change them for an enhanced model. But wireless bike computer - a very convenient device that allows you not to think about the wires of different sensors, which constantly threaten to get confused between spokes or nail it to a tree. And what could be important for cyclist safety? By the way, modern versions of wireless computers are quite resistant to shock, vibration and shock while driving. The result: the wireless bike computer runs smoothly and the data is always accurate.
The function of a bicycle computer
The number of functions can be 50! Most often machines have between 5 and 11 functions. Clearly, all devices support distance and speed measurement. For starters, cyclists are perfect computers showing travel time, maximum, average and current speed, distance, distance traveled. The more sophisticated versions feature a number of special straps that are worn on the cyclist's chest.
With its help the radio transmits the signal to the device screen, for example, the pulse of parameters. GPS navigation allows you to calculate exact location, route configuration, see map. The thermometer will not be superfluous either in winter or summer. Useful for barometer, stopwatch, and alarm clock. With the help of altimeter can determine the height of the altitude position, calculate the achieved level when lifting. So, if a bicycle tour takes place in a mountainous area, the wireless cycling computer will regularly provide information on the daily cyclist of the climb, the maximum slope from the climb, the speed of climb, the maximum altitude. Newcomers will be an extremely useful rhythm counter function, at which the frequency of pedaling can be determined. (Great for cycling median - 80 to 120 rpm ..) If the rhythm is stably low then some diseases, such as knee arthritis, may develop.
How to Choose a Computer Bike
If a wireless bike computer has many functions, they make it difficult to manage. So before you buy it is important to define the required set of functions. Note the size of the screen: the bigger it is, the easier it is to monitor performance. The bicycle's wireless computer is inevitably subject to radio interference, so the signal is transmitted with some deceleration, especially while driving around town. It is not necessary to give preference to cheaper models: they have very high accuracy when displaying information. Attention should also be paid to the tightness of the device, the presence of backlighting (this will require cycling during the night), as well as additional devices to secure the device in hand.

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