How to choose your Carbon Fibre Bike

As the carbon fiber bicycle frame formwork continues to use the traditional bicycle frame structure, U shape, etc., the lack of change and modern aesthetics cannot satisfy modern society's aspirations for new beauty. According to the inherent mechanical properties of carbon fiber composites, modern composite bikes abandoned the idea of ??old bicycle beams, forks and wheel learning. The structure of the bicycle frame is optimized with a traditional diamond construction for better use. Aerodynamics.
Combined with bionics and ergonomics, carbon-fiber bikes can be designed to feature a white-colored racing car, a mountain bike, and a carbon-fiber carbon frame. The car takes the form of an antelope. Its biggest feature is its visual effect and strong sense of speed. A mountain bike adopts a style of water skiing. It's rough and generous, integrating travel, sports and transportation. It has a sense of return to nature; female car light Use white swan shape. Short and nice, nice and pretty. These types of frames are modern and have smooth lines, which gives a simple and clear feel.
In terms of performance, carbon fiber composite bikes generally play features of high rigidity, toughness and impact resistance, fatigue and vibration damping, and good mechanical properties. High stability of movement at high speeds, high force of pedaling force, turning Operation is good and the quality of cycling is improved. For example, bicycles manufactured by Lava Technologies can reduce the load; the 2001 bicycle frame, manufactured by ZIPP Spwed Arsenal, has excellent lateral strength, which not only reduces resistance but also has a natural anti-vibration effect; Avoiding the V-type carbon fibers produced by the Conejo Vibrating Bike has a significant damping effect.
From a technical point of view, the frame of a carbon fiber composite bicycle is divided into two types: coupling type and integral shape. In the type of connection, the frame tube is manufactured by winding or braiding, and the connection between the pipes can be divided into two forms of joining and welding. Overall formatting is much better than the type of connection. It adopts RNM process molding, which is an ideal method for designing a free-form racing frame.

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