How to choose your Bike Pump

Cycling is an extremely fun sport, but fun can be interrupted very easily if tires are blown. To avoid this inconvenience, we recommend that you regularly visit a bicycle repair shop or, before traveling, see for yourself the condition of the tires on your bike. A special recommendation is to always carry a bicycle pump, but this is impossible with certain pump models.
It is also important to ensure that your bike's tires are always inflated optimally. Why is this important? This is because if they are poorly inflated, the risk of drilling is multiple, and you wouldn't want that to happen, would you? There are a number of options when it comes to tire inflation - including the use of a hand pump - but the best for this job is a stand-alone pump with a pressure gauge. One of the biggest benefits of using such a tire inflator is that you can control the exact amount of air that is recommended for your tire - nothing more and nothing less. You can get one at any bike shop. Always sufficiently inflated bicycle tires are essential for extending the life of your tires.
How is a pump used?
You will need to start determining what type of valve you have. There are basically two options for the US: the Schraeder valve, just like on the car. Presta valve, which is narrower. Then find the pump with the proper nozzle. For Schraeder, just remove the lid and go for it. Especially if you are filling the compressor, do not exceed the maximum permissible pressure specified on the side of the tire.
For Presta, remove the flap, undo the flap, let the valve cover the seal. Then apply a nozzle and inflate the tube. For Europeans, there is the added possibility of a Dunlop valve, which can be inflated with the same type of nozzle as the Presta, but there is no locking hole to open.
Our offer includes, among other cycling equipment, bicycle pumps, which differ in size, design and price. You can choose from a portable pump that you can carry with you while driving, a standalone pump that allows you to easily inflate tires, and there are plenty of accessories to help you inflate your tires.

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