How to choose your Cycling Gloves wisely

Cycling gloves are one of the basic equipment you need if you plan to cycle. No matter if it is amateur or pre-professional cycling gloves are a must.

It is extremely important to choose the right glove size, the glove size is selected based on the circumference of the widest part of the fist. In addition to gender, there are long (LF, long finger) and short (SF short finger), and MTB or road gloves.

One of the most important accessories for cycling clothing is cycling gloves. Like cycling shorts, it will give you a better, more comfortable, yet safer ride. Like all cycling clothes, they are made to be as breathable as possible and to sweat from your hands and palms. At the same time, they prevent your wet palms from slipping off the steering wheel, but also keep your palms safe from falling. They also absorb the bumps and vibrations coming from the steering wheel, preventing the appearance of annoying  calluses after long runs. All in all, a very useful addition, and especially in winter, when driving without gloves is simply not possible.

Of course, if you are not a fan of long rides, you will not usually need gloves, but if you like to sit on a bike and spend a few hours in the anti-stress zone on your bike, then gloves become a part of your usual outfit.

When buying new gloves, the question is which model and which fabric to take.

First of all, pay attention to the seasons, because it makes no sense to buy winter gloves at the wrong time of year.

If you are mostly on dynamic forest trails, we recommend long fingers, while for longer tours and long hills you will take short fingers with a breathable fabric.

Remember, bad gloves can also cause painful blisters, as can running without gloves.

When buying gloves, it is best to try a few of the models you want in the store and choose the one that works best for you.

Gel inserts on the palms of the gloves should not be an obstacle to the smooth squeezing of the brakes, and also, bad inserts will prevent you from having good grip on the handles, which is dangerous during fast and dynamic sections.

Tingling in the palms of your hands can also be the cause of bad gloves that have gel inserts in the wrong places.

To avoid all the consequences that wearing gloves can leave on your hands, it is best to get good quality cycling gloves.

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