How to choose your Road Racing Bike

Today, the choice of models among road bikes is large. They can be divided into several categories: aero models, endurance models and classic road models. The difference with these models is most noticeable in the geometry and design of the frame.
On endurance frame geometry, the driver is in a less aggressive position than on a model with a classic road frame. That's why we say that endurance geometry is ideal for riders who buy their first road bike and don't have much experience riding a road bike. We will also recommend it to drivers whose main goal is to go long rides that often exceed over 100-200km in a piece.
On such a frame geometry, the driver is in a slightly more upright position than other road geometries. This puts a lot less pressure on the lower back, neck and shoulder girdle. These are all body parts that are prone to pain if we spend a long time on the bike or our position on the bike is not properly adjusted (Bike Fitting).
If you are looking for endurance frame geometry then be sure to take a look at Trek Domane or Cannondale Synapse models.
For classic frames, we usually come across a slightly longer top tube of the frame compared to endurance geometry. This makes the seating position a little more aggressive and the body itself is less removed from the floor. Such a position provides more aerodynamics and more speed. Because of this, these models are usually purchased by slightly more experienced drivers, or those who want to take down the KOMs on Strava or have as fast as possible on various races such as Granfondo races at their training and driving. Manufacturers like Trek offer even two options for such geometries, one called H2 (it pulls more towards endurance geometry and is more aggressive than it) and the other called H1.
From classic road bikes we will look at Trek Emondo and Cannondale CAAD12 models.
The quality of the models mentioned in both categories, endurance and classic, is evidenced by the fact that you will see exactly the same models at the feet of the best drivers of road pro teams at races such as the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France.
Domane models are the term for comfortable and fast driving. Thanks to the IsoSpeed ??technology, which on the Domane model is located on the front (headset) and back of the frame (the coupling of the seat tube and the upper tube of the frame), you will feel much less the vibrations transmitted across the wheel to the bike while still riding on you as a rider. This will make the ride much more comfortable, and on longer rides, the workouts will keep you fresher than the rest of the group.
The Domane SL 5 Disc model is the first in the line of carbon frames, with a strength of 500 OCLV. The OCLV technology makes for a perfect balance of lightweight frame, yet solid enough. This is one of the reasons why the Trek bikes are among the best in their class. The gearbox group is entirely Shimano 105. Slightly wider tires, 700x32c that are tubeless ready as well as wheel rims, are responsible for a more comfortable ride. Due to the possibility of riding on wider tires, tubeless ready wheels make this bike even easier to ride on rougher, non-asphalt surfaces, and IsoSpeed ??technology will provide better cushioning and greater ride comfort on such surfaces. The bicycle frame is equipped with a fender fitting for all those who ride the bike in rainy, winter weather.
Carbon frame, Shimano 105 parts, IsoSpeed ??technology, tubeless ready wheels with hydraulic disc brakes make the Domane SL 5 Disc an excellent choice at an affordable price.
If you are looking for a bike that you want to spend all day in the seat with, in addition to being comfortable, it has all the features of a real road bike - light, rigid, fast, agile - then this is the Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc.
Quirrel is made of BallisTec carbon powered by Fulcrum Racing 600 wheels, 26mm high and 700x28c wide. The Cannondale Si drive will make sure that it effectively transfers all your power from the pedals. The Shimano Ultegra Gearbox (2x11 spd) is responsible for changing gears quickly and accurately. The wider width at the front and rear forks allows you to drive wider tires of 700x28c. Drivers who like to explore the surrounding roads and who are no strangers to driving when the paved road is gone, will surely know how.
Emonda models will most often be viewed by riders looking for the geometry of a classic road bike, with the bike as light as possible. The Emonda line boasts that it is among the lightest frames in its class to be produced in batch production.
With its equipment and price, the Emonda SL 6 enters the category of the best BUY / PERFORMANCE models. With the 500 OCLV carbon frame that comes with a lifetime warranty and a carbon seat tube, the Shimano Ultegra gearbox and high quality aluminum tubeless ready wheels get you a great deal for your money.
With the Emonda model, you will especially feel the advantage of finding yourself on long climbs because its lightweight and solid frame is what gives you an edge over other drivers. Pay attention to some of the toughest stages in big stage races, Trek Emonda is always at the top.
Unlike the SL 6, the PRO model also comes with carbon wheels, which gives Emondi even better ride characteristics. Bontrager carbon wheels come with a two-year unconditional warranty on the wheel and on the brake surface.
If you are one of those riders who still don't want to ride carbon frames or want to have an aluminum frame bike with a classic frame, the good news is that Cannondale does just one of the best road aluminum frames.
The CAAD12 DISC model is made of Premium Alloy aluminum. The frame tubes are SmartForm C1 which means that they are machined using a special hydrophobic technology that makes the frame tubes lighter and more rigid (with the help of measurements, precise results are obtained where the frame generates the highest driving forces and is the thickest frame in these places. and therefore the stiffest to keep the bike from twisting).
The frame itself has less than 1100g, which can be measured side by side with much more expensive carbon models.
The asymmetrical design of the rear fork on the frame, BB30 drivetrain, extended seat tube that continues to the drive bay, great attention has been paid to the rigidity of the frame that many riders notice after a few pedal turns.
In order not to make the frame uncomfortable because of its excellent rigidity, Cannondale designed the so-called. SPEED SAVE - Technology that helps absorb shocks and vibrations transmitted from the wheel to the bike frame.
This model is equipped with Fulcrum Racing Sport wheels, Shimano 105 gearbox and hydraulic disc brakes.
For riders who want to buy a road bike with exceptionally good and “race” performance without having to spend tens of thousands of kunas, the CAAD12 is a choice they will not regret.

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